Came across this while reading the demigod diaries

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I want Blood of Olympus but I don’t want Blood of Olympus do you see my problem

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(art by sealguana)

Let’s go back to little Percy and Annabeth. In seventh grade, they were really good friends. Of course, it’s revealed in Mark of Athena, that Annabeth had a crush on Percy by this point.

Does Percy like-like Annabeth at this point? WHEN DID HE REALIZE??? THIS IS THE…

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percy bursts out laughing in a most disrespectful manner at the worst of times.

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Dont forget to put the credits when you post a fan art that isn’t yours! Please!!!!

Thank you, and have a good day.

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Friendly reminder that in the first two books of the HoO Series, Percy didn’t remember his own last name but remembered Annabeth

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Without you, I doubt Percy could find his way out of a paper bag. —Reyna to Annabeth, RICK RIORDAN the house of hades (via avarilelio)

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Can we go back to the first line pls.

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Percy is literally going thru hell right here and he’s checking out Annabeth.

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this is love! my percabeth!!

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